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Applying oils and greases to various machines and products can help to keep them in good working order, SPB can all of your industrial lubricant needs.

Whether you are looking for agricultural oils for a various type of garden or agricultural machinery, or you need to lubricate pumps and valves with hydraulic oil, we stock an enviable variety of products in different sizes to suit your particular task. If you need a product that protects your bearings from corrosion whilst also enabling an easy fit, our bearing grease is also one of our highly recommended products to assist with a huge range of industrial applications.

  • Aerosols - Belt Grip / Contact Cleaner / Cutting Fluid / Fork Truck      Spray / Gears & Ropes / Penetrating Spray / Silicone Spray

  • Bearing Grease - Multipurpose / High Temperature Grease / Wheel      Bearing Grease

  • Food Machines Lubricants - Chain Spray / Bearing Grease / Hydraulic      Oils

We can supply all lubricants made by - Lubeserv / Rocol / Molykote / WD40

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