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Seals & O-Rings

Bearing arrangements of all types often include not only bearings, but associated components including seals.

The use of quality seals that perform effectively has a significant effect on bearing life, controlling the retention of lubricant, and the exclusion of contaminants.

SPB offer a comprehensive range of metric and imperial rotating shaft seals and O-rings, both for industrial and automotive applications.

These seals are available in various materials:
• nitrile rubber (NBR, BUNA, N)
• polyacrylate rubber (ACM)
• silicone rubber (NVQ)
• fluorinated rubber (FPM)
• Viton

Also known as rotary shaft seals, lip seal and radial lip seal. For stopping dirt getting in and oil getting out, oil seals are an essential part of any rotary shaft arrange-ment. Imperial and metric sizes are available from stock. Oil seals made of special materials, for example, viton, silicone, leather, PTFE, and polyacrylic, can be either sourced or made to order.


'O' Rings
Silicone, PTFE, viton, nitrile, 'O' rings come in different materials to suit different applications. Imperial size 'O' rings are available with no minimum order from stock. These are all BS series 'O' rings.
Metric 'O' rings are available to order with next day delivery. All different diameters of 'O' ring cord are available by the meter.

Here is a range of sealing products we can offer our customers;

- TTO® Shaft seals - Seals for sliding ball bushing - End covers - Wiper seals for rods - V-ring seals for rotating shafts - Special shaft seals
- GARLOCK® Helicoflex seals for high pressure and for high temperature
- GREENE TWEED® CHEMRAZ® - FLUORAZ® O-Rings for extreme applications
- OT GUMM Antivibrations mounts - Rubber/metal parts for vibration/noise
- OT PACKINGS Elastomer u-packings for hydraulic/pneumatic - Polyurethane packings for hydraulic
- OT RINGS Moulded/hot vulcanized O-rings - Cords for static/dynamic applications - Metal O-rings and C-Rings
- OT PNEUMATIC® Pneumatic packings
- SAINT-GOBAIN® PTFE packings for rotating shafts - PTFE energized packings for high pressure
- VULCAN® FEP encapsulated elastomer O-rings.

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